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Author: Gary Lewis
Publisher: SUN PUBLISHING, Jul 2003
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-971410-07-0

Pursue Northwest fish from Washington's Olympic Peninsula rainforests to Oregon's outback with expert techniques from some of the region's top fishermen. 100+ color photos, 60 B&W photos & illus; 9x11 inches, 128 pgs.

More Information
* Detailed Sections on skills, techniques, and equipment
* Where to fish
* What tackle to use
* Covers all species of fish
* Delicious recipes
* Photography techniques
* Teaching the younger generation to love the outdoors

Gary Lewis is an anglers' Renaissance Man, a writer bucking a trend of specialized sports fishermen who limit their challenges and their know-how to one specific species of fish. Lewis is a try-it-all type of fisherman who seems to enjoy a bluegill as much as a bass, a steelhead along with a sturgeon and isn't afraid to admit that he gets a kick out of whitefish and northern pikeminnows. I was selfishly pleased to read that Lewis appears to share my philosophy that if nothing else, it is a horrific waste of potential fun for Northwest anglers to limit their interests to a single species of fish, when there are so many species of fish to be interested in.

In Washington and Oregon the choices in freshwater fishing challenges are as wide as anywhere on the continent. This book is a reminder that an open mind and well-rounded skills can be the keys to never-ending angling. This is Lewis' latest regional book and his first on fishing. It is one of the few to tackle the staggering variety of fishing techniques, hook-ups, baits, rigs and tackle that is required to take advantage of the extreme diversity found in the sweet water of Washington and Oregon. The how-to techniques that he recommends are described as they apply to each of 25 species of freshwater fish and to the almost unique water and weather found in the Northwest East and West.

Writing in a first-person narrative, sprinkled with on-the-water antedotes and stories, Lewis describes the how and when of fishing techniques for all of our favorite freshwater species and most of the also rans--like carp, and crappie, and whitefish. There is very little "where", mixed in with his "how." Lewis diverges from the style of most Northwest guide books which are single volume blends of where-to, how-to. Instead, he has delivered a guide that is strictly a local how-to reference with passing mentions of regional fishing waters usually well-known lakes and streams that have provided the author with an exemplary experience or are otherwise famous for a particular species: e.g. Mayfield Lake tiger muskies. Lewis obviously knows his fishing and knows it well. He is a Northwest native who came to Bend by way of Cedar Creek on the North Fork Lewis, the Clackamas above Portland, on horseback to high lakes in the Wallowas, panfish in the potholes, and sea-runs in the Kalama. He carried a fly rod to the Deschutes, a sturgeon stick to the Columbia, a drift rod to the Peninsula, threw crankbaits at smallmouth, dangled worms for yellow perch, hurled prop plugs at tiger muskies, and then tackled whitefish, walleyes, striped bass, shad, catfish and......much more.

While the book is loaded with quality photos, I believe its value would be enhanced substantially if more line-art diagrams had been used as visual description of specific tackle rigs and fishing techniques to complement text description. One good picture is worth--and all that. As with any guidebook it is possible to quarrel with the author's selection of techniques and his omission of others. We all have our preferences, and he and the regional experts he consulted for specifics are entitled to theirs. I believe that Lewis has written one of the most useful regional fishing books to be published this year, especially for adventurous anglers who want to try it all.

Gary Lewis
is an outdoor writer and photographer who makes his home in Oregon. He has fished across much of the West. Born and raised in the Northwest, he has been walking river trails for as long as he can remember. He is the author of Hunting Oregon & Deer Hunting. He has won awards for his newspaper columns and has written numerous magazine articles.

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