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Author: John Trout, Jr.
Publisher: SKYHORSE, Oct 2012
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-61608-836-2

Hunters strive to make clean kills, but sometimes that doesn?t happen. When a deer has been hit & runs off, it?s every hunter?s obligation to do his best to find it. Trout gives hunters all the info they'll need to track down a wounded deer. 72 B&W photos, 22 B&W illus, charts, diagrams; 6 x 9 inches, 192 pgs.

More Information
Here you will find research and information on recognizing deer trails, identifying various types of wounds, reading sign in snow, mud, and hard ground, and understanding the behavior of wounded deer. With photographs, informational charts, and diagrams, hunters can learn about the intricacies of deer anatomy and wounds so they can become accomplished trackers. Accounts of real tracking events and a handy reference guide ensure that Finding Wounded Deer is a useful tool for all deer hunters.

Chapters include:
Wounded Deer Realities
Deer Hair Identification
Blood Trails
Cardiorespiratory Wounds
Arterial Wounds
Last-Ditch Recovery Tactics
Analyzing the Shot
Deer Anatomy
Tracking Factors
Abdominal Wounds
Muscular/Skeletal Wounds

John Trout, Jr.
has been an outdoor writer and photographer since 1984. An award-winning journalist and author, he has written many successful books, including Trailing Whitetails, Hunting Farmland Bucks, Nuisance Animals, and The Complete Book of Wild Turkey Hunting. His articles have appeared in regional and national publications more than nine hundred times. An enthusiastic hunter all his life, he hunts and travels with his wife, Vikki.

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