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Author: Shane Stalcup
Publisher: VIDEO VENTURES, Dec 2007
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 1-58142-035-8

Shane Stalcup's skill, technique & artistic touches have been shaped by some of the country's foremost fishermen & professional fly tyers - John Betts, Tim England, Mike Tucker & A.K. Best. 10 flies are tied. 3 camera angles are used, one only inches from the fly as it is being tied - capturing minute details. 110 min.

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Many consider Shane to be among the best of the younger generation of professional fly tyers. Umpqua Feather Merchants says that Shane is a young fly tyer with a national & international reputation for innovation and craftsmanship...a tyer other look to for inspiration & new techniques.

Shane spends hours on end before his 40-gallon show tank watching, examining & studying the action & detail of insects & bugs tha the will imitate with his flies. "I like to make my flies appeal to the fish - as well as to my fellow anglers. I put in a little extra effort into making my flies look good!"

Shane explains how he uses key materials in this series of fly tying demonstrations that five his patterns a distinctive advantage over other's work. extreme close up video shows complete detail of Shane's tying methods from the tyer's point of view.

Fly tyers will find Shane to be an excellent teacher as he teaches how to tie the: Gilled Nymph, Zing Damsel, Hares Ear Dragon, Ultra Damsel, and Z-Scud. Takes the fly tyer through the life cycle of the caddis, tying five imitations; including Hydropsyche Caddis Larva, Cased Caddis, Swimming Caddis Pupa, Bead Diving Caddis and the CDC Egg Laying Caddis.

Shane Stalcup
flies are used by fishermen throughout the world. A 20-year veteran tying flies, Shane regularly provides articles to Fly Tier and Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, as well as to other fly fishing publications. In addition to his magazine work he has produced sixteen successful videos. Shane is regularly invited to demonstrate his skills at fly tying seminars throughout the United States and foreign countries.

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