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Author: Fiona C. Capstick
Publisher: SAFARI PRESS, Sep 2012
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-9814424-4-7

Margarete Trappe was a remarkable woman with a huge amount of determination, & her biography by a very talented author is sure to inspire all those who read it. Historical B&W photos; 8x11 inches, 181 pgs.

More Information
Margarete Trappe was many things: She was the first woman to become a professional hunter in Africa, she spied for General von Lettow Vorbeck during World War I, she lost her farm, Momella, twice to the authorities, and she had pretty much a disastrous marriage. Despite it all, she kept a fantastic demeanor.

She guided the nobility and royalty of continental Europe for big game in East Africa. Besides that, she ran a farm, which included livestock, looked after the local natives who revered her, and raised four kids. (As an aside, her offspring are still active on the East Africa hunting scene.) But her most interesting time, and a great part of this book, are the years before, during, and after World War I (up to World War II).

Margarete Trappe and her husband, Ulrich, arrived in German East Africa in 1907 (now Tanzania). They walked on foot to the vicinity of Mount Meru and hacked a farm out of the wilderness. Her life took a huge turn with the advent of World War I. Ulrich had left to serve in the German army, and she was left alone to fend off all troubles. She did the best she could to keep the farm going and, at the same time, spy for the Germans.

But after the British won, the day of reckoning came, and it came with a vengeance. She was forcibly removed from her farm by the authorities. Through chance and pluck, she regained her farm and then became fully established as a PH. She gained a very good reputation, and times got better for her till World War II arrived. It was d?j? vu all over again, only twenty-six years later.

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