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Author: John T. Dutcher
Publisher: JOHN DUTCHER, Dec 2004
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-9718483-0-0

Covers Ballards used in the Civil War, Western expansion movement, the Long Range Ballards used at Creedmoor, Ballard offhand & schuetzen rifles. Also includes customized Ballards by Pope Schoyen, Peterson, Zischang, & the other great early day gunsmiths. 540+ photos & illus; 392 pgs.

More Information
- The complete listing of Ballard rifles from 1861 through the present day reproductions
- All known models illustrated and described
- Over 540 photographs and illustrations
- Covers Ballards used in the Civil War, Western expansion movement, the Long Range Ballards used at Creedmoor, Ballard offhand and schuetzen rifles.
- Customized Ballards by Pope Schoyen, Peterson, Zischang, and the other great early day gunsmiths

Chapter 1 Charles Ballard and His Rifle
The Patent Model Ballard ? The first manufacturer, Ball & Williams ? The sales agents, Merwin & Bray
Chapter 2 Ball & Williams Ballards
Early sporting rifles used on the frontier ? Military carbines and rifles used in the Civil War ? The percussion/rimfire system
Chapter 3 Dwight, Chapin & Co. Ballards
A Civil War contractor who made carbines and rifles
Chapter 4 R. Ball & Co. Ballards
A transitional company, successor to Ball & Williams
Chapter 5 The Merrimack Ballards
New ownership and a new manufacturing plant ? An improved rifle using a new frame and breechblock ? A shotgun is introduced
Chapter 6 The Brown Ballards
A time of experimentation ? The first centerfire rifles ? A takedown system ? A steel frame
Color Insert Color Photos page c-1-c8 )
Chapter 7 The Marlin Ballard Era
A greatly improved rifle with new ownership and manufacturing facility ? A new sales team
Chapter 8 The No. 0 and No. 1 Hunting Rifles
Using up old parts from prior manufacturers, and how these early rifles differed from the new Marlin-Ballards
Chapter 9 The No. 1 1/2 Hunter?s Rifle
Marlin?s improved action ? a stronger rifle using more powerful cartridges
Chapter 10 The No. 13/4 Far West Rifle
A scarce large bore hunting rifle ? Cleaning an old rifle; limited restoration
Chapter 11 The No. 2 Sporting Rifle
A small game rifle ? Cast iron frames and forged steel frames
Chapter 12 The No. 3 Gallery Rifle
Variations in the frame, firing pins, and extractors
Chapter 13 The No. 3 PG Rifle
The first recording of this rifle ? Gallery shooting
Chapter 14 The No. 3F Fine Gallery Rifle
An offhand target version of the No. 3 Gallery Rifle
Chapter 15 The No. 3 1/2 Target Rifle
A rare mid range style rifle ? the first time illustrated in a book
Chapter 16 The No. 4 Perfection Rifle
A basic hunting rifle ? differences ? Marlin Ballard rifling ? Rigby marked Ballards
Chapter 17 The No. 4 1/4 Rifle
Catalog listing and illustration of this rare model
Chapter 18 The No. 4 1/2 Mid Range Rifle
Checkering and forearm tips
Chapter 19 The No. 4 1/2 A-1 Mid Range Rifle
Engraving, hammers and triggers ? Crescent rifle buttplates
Chapter 20 The No. 5 Pacific Rifle
A western hunting favorite ? Letters from users
Chapter 21 The No. 5 1/2 Montana Rifle
A powerful western hunting rifle ? Serial number markings ? Ballard production ? Octagon barrel profiles
Chapter 22 The No. 6 Schuetzen Rifle
The German pattern, the Swiss style ? Double-set trigger variations ? Schuetzen shooting, shooting parks, shooters
Chapter 23 The J.M. Marlin Ballard No. 6 1/2 Off-Hand Rifle
Ballard?s first NRA offhand rules rifle
Chapter 24 An Introduction to the Ballard Rigby Rifles
Defining the Ballard Rigby barrels
Chapter 25 The No. 6 1/2 Rigby Off-Hand Rifle
The first model Rigby ? More on engraving ? Schoverlings stock
Chapter 26 The Developmental Pistol Grip Rigby Model
The second model Rigby Ballard ? Swiss buttplates
Chapter 27 The No. 6 1/2 P.G. Off-Hand Rifle
The third model Rigby Ballard ? A review of Marlin Ballard engraving
Chapter 28 The Marlin Fire Arms Co. No. 6 1/2 Off-Hand Rifle
The fourth model Rigby Ballard ? Standardizing parts
Chapter 29 An Introduction to the Ballard Long Range Rifles
A brief history ? The quagmire of models
Chapter 30 The Ballard No. 7 Long Range Rifle
The non-engraved model ? Cartridge development ? Shooting positions
Chapter 31 The Ballard No. 7-A-1 Long Range Rifle
Buffalo Bill Cody owned one
Chapter 32 The Ballard No. 7-A-1 Extra Long Range Rifle
Shotgun buttplates ? Cased vernier sights ? More on engraving
Chapter 33 The Late Long Range No. 7 Rifle
Made by Marlin Fire Arms Company
Chapter 34 The Ballard No. 8 Union Hill Rifle
Harry Pope shot one ? Standardizing the model line
Chapter 35 The Ballard No. 9 Union Hill
A complete target rifle at a moderate price ? Forearm differences
Chapter 36 The Ballard No. 10 Schuetzen Junior Rifle
A less expensive schuetzen than the No. 6
Chapter 37 Special Factory-Made Marlin Ballard Rifles
A sampling of special order rifles ? Unlisted models
Chapter 38 Ballard Sights
Factory and aftermarket sights
Chapter 39 Marlin Ballard Breechblocks: How They Differ and Function
A cutaway action ? Exploded drawing
Chapter 40 Ballard Cartridges
Cutaway and sectioned cartridges ? Everlasting series ? Cartridge boxes
Chapter 41 Reloading Tools for Ballard Rifles
Factory and aftermarket tools
Chapter 42 Customized Ballard Rifles
The most popular early-day single shot rifle to customize ? Popes, Schoyens, Zischangs, Petersons, Bergs, and other famous custom makers
Chapter 43 The Ballard Rifle and Cartridge, LLC
Modern-day Ballards by Ballard Rifle, Red Willow, and Rifle Works and Armory
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