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Author: Peter H. Capstick
Publisher: SAFARI PRESS, Nov 1997
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-57157-272-4

This is the first, complete biography of this very controversial character with nothing held back. 260 pgs.

More Information
John Taylor is well known to just about anybody interested in firearms or African hunting. This is the first complete biography of this very controversial character, written by Peter H. Capstick with research by Brian Marsh, an old Taylor acquaintance. Capstick tracks the life of this enigmatic figure from his early days in Ireland to the day he left Nyasaland in disgrace and in fear of arrest some forty years later. Also included are his wretched, depressing final years in London. Nothing is held back--whether it be his smuggling affair in Canada, ivory poaching, refusal to pay his bills, his tall tales and impressive escapes, or his homosexuality. This is Capstick at his very best on one of Africa?s most intriguing characters.

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