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Author: Stu Tripney
Publisher: Stu's Fly Shop, Jan 2008
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-STU-10

A fly-tying rock 'n' roll fish catching frenzy. The story of Stu Tripney & his fantastic foam Bionic Flies. Covering 9 of Stu's freshwater & saltwater patterns, you have never seen foam used in so many ways. Detailed & revolutionary tying instructions & rocking sound track. 45 min.

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The film has been hailed by some critics as the best fly tying /fishing dvd they have ever watched. Its guaranteed that you will not fall asleep when watching this film. Its modern fast paced style will keep you on the edge of your seat! Its a pleasure to watch and also full of entertainment. After viewing the film you will look at fly tying and fly fishing in a different way ! and no doubt start tying your own foam creations. Dont! forget! To watch the Awesome bonus trout feeding footage as well as the shotgun footage!! in the bonus section!

A fly tying film? I dont tie fliesthats for my nimble fingered mates. And with those sentiments still ringing in my ears I wandered out of this years Rise Film Festival. A fifteen minute snapshot of A Foam Odyssey had been my favourite film of the night, a must-have DVD in my growing collection.

This Gin-clear production, filmed by Nick Reygaert, takes fly-tier Stu Tripney on a journey with eight of his flies on the magnificent waters of New Zealands South Island. From a purely photographic perspective, the underwater and into water shots are sensational.

Stu is a quirky character who likes to think outside the square when it comes to flies. His overriding thought process is how can I make it better? The viewer is taken through five stages with each fly: the need, the design and development, the build, and the fishing. This is where A Foam Odyssey won me, as the building stage is less than a minute per fly, so all the other stages relevant whether you tie your own flies or not, are fully covered.

The film gets you thinking throughout its forty five minutes: Quiver Bug for Dragonfly; Bionic Blowfly for Humpy; Bionic Damsel and so on. Not being a fly tier I asked a friend who ties flies to provide his opinion of the DVD. He loved the creative content and stated that the tying instructions were clear enough for a tier with some skills to follow but this wasnt a how-to fly-tying DVD.

Apart from the stunning scenery and sensational fishing sequences the DVD concentrates on fly designthere is a chapter devoted to it. Stu bases his designs on careful observations for the trigger between insect movement and trout behaviour. Once this trigger is built into the fly, two additional requirements are addedthe fly must land upright, and it must not fall apart, the latter well demonstrated in the DVDs bonus section with the shotgun test.

The fly selection is completed when Stu creates the Bionic Crab for Christmas Islands famous bonefish. As with the trout flies, simple design rules are applied and the boys get into some nice bonefishing action.

Described as a fly tying rocknroll fish catching frenzy the DVD has a great rock soundtrack and fun introductions to each of the flies. The bonus section is well worth a visitI think most who have fished rivers running through farmland will associate with the cow segment.

A Foam Odyssey is a great addition to any fly-fishing library, for the tier or non tier. An added bonus is that the flies really work, with my son Andrew getting his best fish of the season on a Pogo NymphGo the Foam.

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