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Author: Duke Outdoors
Publisher: Duke Outdoors, Jul 2008
Binding: DVD

Info for the do it yourself fisherman wanting to experience an unguided Alaska fishing trip from the road system. Entertaining. Features 23 different rivers & creeks & prime fishing holes along 240 miles. Includes 39 pg Ultimate Guide, telling you exactly where to find the holes & what to use. 116 min.

More Information
Our newest Alaska Adventure Series DVD and Ultimate Guide - Alaska Roadside King Salmon Fishing from Anchorage to Denali National Park provides information for the do it yourself fisherman wanting to experience an unguided Alaska fishing trip from the road system. This video features 23 different rivers and creeks and the prime fishing holes that are open to king salmon fishing along the 240 mile stretch of road from just north of Anchorage to Denali Park.

The Susitna and Chulitna drainages offer some of the best roadside accessible king salmon fishing in Alaska. The Susitna drainage supports Alaskas fourth largest chinook (king) salmon run - typically numbering between 100,000 and 200,000 kings. For comparision, this is nearly double the number of kings that return to the popular Kenai River. This video and guide shows the access and best places to fish the most popular fisheries of Willow, Sheep and Montana Creeks on the Susitna River as well as tributaries of the Chulitna Rivers that receive no fishing pressure. It also features information on the Eklutna Tailrace and Little Susitna River as well as other Susitna tributaries open to king salmon fishing including: Goose Creek, Little Willow Creek, Birch Creek, Sunshine Creek, Rabideaux Creek, Caswell Creek, and the Kashwitna River.

The Chulitna River System is an outstanding, little known fishery. See the access to and the best fishing holes of: East Fork Chulitna River, Middle Fork Chulitna River, West Fork Chulitna River, East Fork Middle Fork Chulitna River confluence, Honolulu Creek, Hardage Creek, Antimony Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Coal Creek and more.

As an added bonus, we take you on a jet boat taxi ride up the glacial Talkeetna River to fish Clear Creek.

This DVD/Ultimate Guide will SAVE YOU TIME - We share over ten years worth of exploration of the available king salmon fishing between Anchorage and Denali National Park! It will PUT YOU on MORE FISH - you will see Alaska's Parks Highway king catching potential at many of the popular and little known fishing holes! HELP YOU DECIDE WHERE TO FISH - Based on the type of experience you would like to have in terms of crowds, setting, and the fish catching opportunities. YOU WILL SEE THE BEST TECHNIQUES FOR KING CATCHING - at each of the creeks and rivers. WE SHOW YOU THE BEST FISHING HOLES along the Parks Highway - while it is good to know which creeks and rivers are good for catching kings, there is nothing better than knowing exactly where the most fish hold and get caught for each of these rivers and creeks. HELP YOU TO DETERMINE WHAT DATES TO FISH - based on where you want to fish and the overall experience you desire.

This Alaska fishing video and ultimate Guide are ENJOYABLE TO WATCH for anyone who wants to see the king salmon fishing potential along the Parks Highway and for anyone actually planning a trip to Alaska, or currently living in Alaska who would like to have the most detailed information available on king salmon fishing the 240 mile stretch of highway between Anchorage in Denali National Park - this is the PREMIER RESOURCE FOR DO IT YOURSELF FISHERMEN!

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