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Author: Laughing River Productions
Publisher: Laughing River Productions, Sep 2011
Binding: DVD

Once again Hafele & Smeraglio combine their skill & knowledge with their own unique sense of humor to help anglers of all skill levels catch more trout when trout fishing is at it's most exciting - when trout are rising & feeding at or near the surfce! Sheds light on the surface of trout fishing - ENJOY! 2 DVD's; 107+ min.

More Information
It's the rare fly fisher indeed that doesn't get excited when they see a trout's nose break the surface. But that excitement can quickly turn into great frustration. If you've ever felt frustrated by rising trout and weren't sure what to do, Rick and John will give you some answers.

Learn About:
* Emergence behavior of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies and midges
* Patterns for fishing the surface and subsurface
* Tactic for key stages of major insect types
* Presentation methods and tackle for picky trout
* How to select the right pattern
* AND MORE! - Terrestrials - Attractor Patterns!

Turn Frustration into Success and have fun doing it!

John Smeraglio
, a native Oregonian, born and raised in Portland, remembers catching his first Red Side Trout on the Deschutes River when he was six years old. Seems like it was just yesterday to him.

At age ten, John?s art instructor, Bud Lance, introduced him to fly fishing when Bud showed John a Fly Rod his was building. With an instant spark of interest, John bought the components to build his own. After completed the project, he spent most of the remaining Spring learning to cast, and by late Summer, he caught his first Trout on the rod he built, a leader he hand tappered, and on a fly that he tied.

From that day forward, his passion grew rapidly as he pored himself into building better rods, tying better flies, and designing better hand tied tapered leaders. All of these things gave him an advantage, as he enjoyed positive results by achieving the best presentation possible.

He felt that if he could learning more about the insects that trout feed on every day, it would surly increase his success by fooling larger trout, more often.

In 1985, John moved from Portland to Maupin Oregon to open and operate a Fly Shop and Guide Service on his favorite river,
the Deschutes.

Now, his passion for fly fishing stronger than ever, continues to operate his shop and guide services with enthusiasm. He is also an Artist, Musician, and tries to get in the occasional round of golf. He likes the feeling of freedom he gets when he take a ride on his motorcycle, and when he returns home, he enjoys the benefits of living in a small community in the sun drenched climate of the Deschutes river canyon.

Rick Hafele
I was born to a poor bait fishing family in central Illinois. Thus, my earliest memories of fishing are of dark nights filled with the sent of stink bait and catfish. The TV show, "Gad About Gaddis," started me thinking about other ways to fish - like with flies! Finally, at the age of 12, a fly fishing Uncle in Missouri gave me my first fly fishing lessons and managed to get me into my first fly caught trout. I saw the light and never fished stink bait again.

My interest in fly fishing and entomology fully developed after I moved to the Northwest in 1969. Since then I have traveled throughout the West, fishing for wild native trout, and collecting and studying the insects on which they feed. I have also fished and collected insects in Chile, Argentina and on the chalk streams of southern England, the birthplace of angling entomology.

I have worked as a professional aquatic entomologist for nearly 25 years.In 1973 I received my Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Western Washington University at Bellingham, Washington, and in 1979 a Master of Science degree in aquatic entomology from Oregon State University at Corvallis, Oregon.

In the course of both my professional work and my fly fishing, I have studied the aquatic insects in creeks, streams, rivers, and lakes in all of the states and provinces from Alaska to California, and from the Pacific Coast through the Rocky Mountains. I have written articles for scientific journals, and have penned the Aquatic Entomology column for American Angler magazine for over 20 years. I have co-authored several books on fly fishing, a member of the North American Benthological Society, Oregon Trout, and the Native Fish Society, and have been awarded life membership to the Federation of Fly Fishers and the Flyfisher's Club of Oregon for my contributions to fly fishing literature.

I currently live in Gresham, Oregon with my wife Carol.

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