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TFO Rod and Reel Carrier
TFO Rod and Reel Carrier
Item #:108953
Your Price:$35.95 - $49.95
Size  QuantityPrice
TF RRC 8/2  $49.95
TF RRC 9/2  $49.95
TF RRC 8/3  $35.95
TF RRC 8/4  $35.95
TF RRC 9/4 - Out Of Stock  $39.95
TF RRC Dual 9/4 - Out Of Stock  $49.95

These cases are fleece-lined featuring individual sleeves for each rod section to protect both your rod and reel. Whether you'll be keeping it in the trunk of your car to taking it around the globe TFO has you covered. There is a case to accomodate two, three, and four-piece rods at varying lengths. The Dual case will hold two 9' long 4-piece rods with their accompanying reels.
Model Description Length
TF RRC 8/2 * Rod and Reel Carrying Case (For 2pc. 8' rods) 50”
TF RRC 9/2
* Rod and Reel Carrying Case (For 2pc. 9' rods) 57 1/2”
TF RRC 8/3
* Rod and Reel Carrying Case (For 3pc. 8' rods) 34 1/2”
TF RRC 8/4 * Rod and Reel Carrying Case (For 4pc. 8' rods) 26 1/2”
TF RRC 9/4 * Rod and Reel Carrying Case (For 4pc. 9' rods) 30 1/2”
TF RRC DUAL 9/4 * Rod and Reel Carrying Case (For 4pc. 9' rods) 30 1/2”
* = Fleece-Lined, Nylon Covered Triangular PVC Case/Carrying Handle and TFO logo

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