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J:son Realistic Wing Burner - Caddis
J:son Realistic Wing Burner - Caddis
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This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Using the J:son system, you can tie realistic dry flies that leave a perfect impression on the water’s surface and are virtually unsinkable. Nymphs made with the J:son System have a natural silhouette and are taken for real insects. J:sonSystem flies are durable, so you can focus on the whole point of fly fishing, which is to fish.

This fly was tied using the J:son Realistic Wing Burner - Caddis

When making wings, it’s possible to fuse a patterned wing material with a neutral one. This way, an air pocket is created between the two layers, increasing the fly’s floating ability. Regardless of whether your fly is used on the water surface, in the surface film or sub surface, the wings and wing buds will be very realistic in shape, color and structure. At the same time, they are extremely durable. The raw material for wings and wing buds consists of guaranteed toxic-free foil, and produces no harmful gas of any kind when burned. It’s approved by Swedish health authorities for use in the food industry. All J:son tools and materials are made in Sweden.

How to make wings

Trim excess material around the printed pattern (leave 1-2 mm for burning). Place in the appropriate wing burner and burn/weld the edges quickly with an open flame. You now have a perfectly shaped, realistic wing. The body of foam, the light weight and water surface tension all mean the fly will float like a dream. Use double wing material when tying larger flies. This creates an air pocket inside the wing, enhancing floating capabilities. Use a printed wing material and marry it with a neutral one. Trim excess material (leaving 1-2 mm for burning) around the printed pattern, place in the appropriate wing burner and burn/weld the edges quickly with an open flame. You now have a perfectly shaped, realistic wing that contains air, which – together with the body of floating foam – makes the fly virtually unsinkable.

Fly Patterns & Instructions
Adult Caddis

Instructions for sizes Large, Medium, & Small.
Instructions for sizes X-Small & Micro.
Adult Stone Tying Guide


Realistic bodies for mayflies

Realistic microbodies for mayflies

Realistic wings for mayflies

Realistic wingbuds & nymphlegs for mayfly nymph's

Realistic bodies for caddis

Realistic microbodies for caddis

Realistic wings for caddis

Realistic nymphbacks for caddis larvae

Realistic stonefly bodies

Realistic wingbuds & nymphlegs for stonely nymph's

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