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Douglas Upstream Fly Rods
Douglas Upstream Fly Rods
Item #:113503
Your Price:$350.00 - $425.00
Size  QuantityPrice
6ft 6in 3wt 2pc (Upstream 3662)  $350.00
7ft 3wt 6pc (Upstream 3706)  $425.00
7ft 3in 3wt 4pc (Upstream 3734)  $350.00
7ft 6in 3wt 6pc (Upstream 3766)  $425.00
8ft 2wt 4pc (Upstream 2804)  $350.00
8ft 3wt 6pc (Upstream 3806)  $425.00
8ft 3in 3wt 4pc (Upstream 3834)  $350.00
8ft 8in 4wt 4pc (Upstream 4884)  $350.00

The new Upstream range from Douglas Outdoors brings four unique, ultra-lite fly rods to the river.

Each rod is designed to have a minimum, but high function approach to bush and upcountry fishing environments. The challenge of both close casting and designing a rod that will control your line, fly and catch with authority, is a balance that Upstream strikes with ease.

Each of these high modulus blanks are finished with cork cap, ring reel seats and a natural Tonkin Bamboo color way with clear wraps. A light weight 1 5/8” brushed aluminum rod tube and sock are included with each rod. Pick up a Douglas Upstream rod and you will want to get on the water and try this new approach to traditional light line angling!

Upstream 3662 6’6” #3 1.13 oz 2
Upstream 3706 7’0” #3 1.75 oz 6
Upstream 3734 7’3” #3 1.42 oz 4
Upstream 3766 7’6” #3 1.68 oz 6
Upstream 2804 8’0” #2 1.43 oz 4
Upstream 3806 8’0” #3 1.75 oz 6
Upstream 3834 8’3” #3 1.59 oz 4
Upstream 4884 8’8” #4 1.72 oz 4

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