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TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Series II Fly Rods
TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Series II Fly Rods
Item #:108350
Your Price:$124.95 - $134.95
Size  QuantityPrice
2wt 6ft 2pc  $124.95
3wt 7ft 6in 2pc  $124.95
4wt 8ft 2pc  $124.95
4wt 8ft 6in 2pc  $124.95
5wt 8ft 6in 2pc  $124.95
5wt 9ft 2pc  $124.95
6wt 9ft 2pc  $124.95
7wt 9ft 2pc  $134.95
8wt 9ft 2pc  $134.95
9wt 9ft 2pc  $134.95
10wt 9ft 2pc  $134.95

Action: Medium Fast Action

You get 50 years of experience for a great price.

The new two-piece Signature II rods offer the same astounding performance as the classic Signature Series - with upgraded components.  Signature rods now have a beautiful new translucent dark green finish, AA grade cork with handsome accents, oversized stripping guides, and  new anodized up-locking aluminum reel seats. This is a perfect first fly rod with performance that will impress even a master fly caster.

Lefty Kreh's Signature Series Fly Rods by Temple Fork Outfitters Six weights and lighter feature hook keepers and half-wells grips, while our eight weight and heavier have comfortable fighting butts and full wells grips. Smooth progressive tapers load fast but have the reserve power for distance, line speed, and loop control. Each rod comes in a beautiful dark green logoed rod sock so you may add our case or make you own. For less than $130 you can own a fly rod that will out perform rods costing much more.


"Not too long ago this incredibly smooth two-piece rod would have cost several times as much." -Lefty Kreh

Aluminum Double Uplocking Reel Seat
Model Line Length Pieces Weight (OZ) Description
TFO 02 60 2S 2 Wt. 6'-0" 2 2.4 IM6 Graphite
TFO 03 76 2S 3 Wt. 7'-6" 2 3.0 IM6 Graphite
TFO 04 80 2S 4 Wt. 8'-0" 2 3.0 IM6 Graphite
TFO 04 86 2S 4 Wt. 8'-6" 2 3.1 IM6 Graphite
TFO 05 86 2S 5 Wt. 8'-6" 2 3.2 IM6 Graphite
TFO 05 90 2S 5 Wt. 9'-0" 2 3.7 IM6 Graphite
TFO 06 86 2S 6 Wt. 8'-6" 2 3.8 IM6 Graphite
TFO 06 90 2S 6 Wt. 9'-0" 2 3.9 IM6 Graphite


Aluminum Double Uplocking Reel Seat with Fighting Butt
Model Line Length Pieces Weight (OZ) Description
TFO 07 90 2S 7 Wt. 9'-0" 2 4.1 IM6 Graphite
TFO 08 90 2S 8 Wt. 9'-0" 2 4.2 IM6 Graphite
TFO 09 90 2S 9 Wt. 9'-0" 2 4.3 IM6 Graphite
TFO 10 90 2S 10 Wt. 9'-0" 2 4.7 IM6 Graphite

The Temple Fork Outfitters No-Fault Warranty is for the life of the original registered owner. Fill out the online form or send in your registration card to activate your warranty. To use your No-Fault Warranty, simply return the damaged rod with $25 and your return shipping / contact information to TFO. They will repair or replace your rod and send it back to you in a business day.

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