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Atlas 316SS - Ring Lock - NanoPlasma Casting/Stripper Guides - Gold/Black - GBRLC
Atlas 316SS - Ring Lock - NanoPlasma Casting/Stripper Guides - Gold/Black - GBRLC
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  • Feather light frame locks ring in and offers tremendous weight to strength ratio - shorter foot means smaller wraps
  • Ring Lock™ frame increases the contact area around the diameter of the insert
  • ATLAS™ stainless steel offers amazing corrosion protection and unparalleled strength
  • Diamond polished - perfect for shooting line
  • Nanolite™ ring is 45% stronger & ground round to reduce line wear and increase casting distance
  • Quad Leg design greatly reduces ring-popping lateral torque by increasing the frame's strength and stability


    Atlas 316SS™ Ring Lock Guides

    Insert Ring

    ATLAS™ 316SS Stainless Steel
    American Tackle’s top of the line stainless steel utilized for performance and durability. Featured in the Ring Lock™ guides where increased strength is a design mandate to produce the weight reducing thin frame and press fit features. Frames comprised of 316SS stainless have tremendous weight to strength ratio giving this series of guides the edge to outlast and outperform all others.

    New, The best ceramic ring in the world just got better! The new NanoPlasma rings feature an exclusive high tensile strength, diamond polished, braid proof NanoLite ring with rounded ID's and a new PVD Titanium Nitride or Titanium Oxide coating. This is the same plasma deposition used to coat drill bits! The Plasma deposition on the NanoPlasma ring gives you a near zero coefficient of friction with wet line, extending line life while increasing hardness to that of Silicone Carbide (SiC).

    Ring Lock Guides
    American Tackle Ring Lock™ guides are designed for the ultimate in performance and durability. They incorporate a system of pressure fit, enlarged glue reservoir and increased contact area around the ceramic ring to dramatically reduce ring failure. Added bracing and unique frame features greatly reduce ring popping lateral torque through more stable frame. ATLAS 316SS™ frame material adds tremendous weight to strength ratio giving this series of guides the edge to outlast and outperform all others.
    Special Designed Ring Lock System
    American Tackle’s Ring Lock system is focused on preventing ring loss and protection from impact to provide the strongest and most innovative guide on the market today!
    Compared Advantage
    Ring Lock Frame vs. Conventional Frame. You decide.
    Ring Lock™ Frame
    System to combine pressure-fit, larger glue reservoir, and increased contact area to eliminate ring failure.
    Shorter Footprint
    Guide Feet have been shortened resulting in shorter footprints and weight reduction from less thread & finish used.

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