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Author: B. Guild Gillespie
Publisher: Charting Nature, Mar 2002
Binding: Matted Print
ISBN: 0-CN-022900-0

Atlantic fish prints from renowned artist B. Guild Gillespie. Biologically accurate and colorfully illustrated, each species is painted using an intricate layering technique, accurate to scale and finray count. Printed on heavyweight acid free archival art paper, using pigmented inks for maximum quality and longevity. Ideal gifts, educational aids and wall decor for the home, office and business. 12x16 inch print, matted.

More Information
Haddock have "St. Peter's thumbprint" on their sides, behind the gill covering. This refers to Jesus' disciple, Peter, who was a fisherman and can be imagined leaving this mark when picking up the fish. Haddock start life at the surface of the ocean, seeking shelter and tiny tidbits to eat under jellyfishes. When they're about 2" long, they drop to the bottom looking for bigger prey. They're an important food fish for humans and have been overexploited. We eat them fresh, frozen, smoked (as finnan haddie) and canned.

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