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Author: Hilary Hemingway and Jeffry P. Lindsay
Binding: Audio Tape
ISBN: 1-56511-384-5

An amazing twist of a tale that will itself become part of the Hemingway legacy. Fifteen years after the death of her father, Liecester, Hilary Hemingway received her curious inheritance: a cassette tape recorded on one of the many evenings he had held court around a campfire on their Miami Beach estate, telling tales of narrow escapes on trips with his brother Ernest, hunting crocodile in the dark, chasing vicious wild ostrich, and stalking tigers. Cassettes, 3 hours.

More Information
Fifteen years after her fathers death, Hilary Hemingway received her curious inheritance. It was an audiocassette filled with the voice of her father telling stories about his famous older brother, Ernest Hemingway.

In a storytelling tradition that is all but forgotten today, Leicester describes Ernest Hemingway tracking wily crocodiles and vicious wild ostriches, staring down a monstrous cobra, courting death beneath the sweltering African sunand always appearing just in the nick of time to save his less experienced younger brother.

In this mesmerizing book, Hilary retells these stories, revealing the bond between two larger-than-life brothers, and recounts her own quest to make peace with the painful parts of the Hemingway legacy. Hunting with Hemingway is a deeply moving chapter in the tale of a family freighted with tragedyand sustained by a singular passion for storytelling.

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