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Author: Tim Borski
Publisher: ISLE PRODUCTIONS, Oct 2004
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-IP-000015-0

Learn how to tie some of the finest flies ever. Then go ot on the water and learn how to present and fish the fly. Borski reveals how to tie 5 of his "go to" backcountry patterns. Easy to learn, step-by-step tying sequences. Tips on how to present & fish them with live action "on the water" footage. Patterns: BUTTERFLY, CHERNOBYL PM, RED FISH SLIDER, CRAFT FUR SHRIMP and The SKUNK. DVD, 62 min.

More Information
"Tim Borski is without question the most imaginative tyer of fish food on planet earth. Trust me on this can get in lots of trouble by watching this video!" - Flip Pallot

"Tim Borski is an excellent fly tyer who has developed a number of innovative & effective flies. I know this video will help you catch more fish." - Lefty Kreh

"A true artist and great angler. Tim eloquently explains the tying sequences and then shows you how to fish each fly in exciting fishing clips. A must for any saltwater angler." - Chico Fernandez

"You will not only learn how to tie some of the finest tarpon flies ever, but also how to present and fish the fly after it is in the water. I have been fishing for tarpon for 50 years and I will enjoy watching this video over and over." - Stu Apte

"Here's a chance to learn some really super patterns from a true fly tying innovator." - Sandy Morel

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