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Author: Craig Mathews & John Juracek
Publisher: Yellowstone Media Group, Apr 2002
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-YMG-00010-0

This outstanding product gives you the info & details needed to successfully approach Yellowstone's hatches & its incredible fly fishing. The authors bring a combined expertise & lifetime of experience. The info they share on this DVD will help you not only with Yellowstone, but on all other western waters. They provide tips, techniques & flies; cover the most prolific hatches; explain the best times of the day to fish & why; & detail everything the angler needs to successfully fish throughout the seasons, from ice-out to ice-in. DVD, 2 hrs, 45 min.

More Information
This 2 hr 40 min. DVD gives you the details to successfully approach Yellowstone's hatches with over 50 years of knowledge and experience. Fly Fishing Yellowstone Hatches is the only video of its kind. It is also one of the first fly fishing DVD's available.

Tips, Techniques and Flies
The Most Prolific Hatches
The Best Time of Day
From Ice-Out to Ice-In

Since the DVD is over 2 hours and 45 minutes and covers the hatches of the entire Yellowstone fly fishing season, it is divided into 3 chapters and 28 video tracks. Utilizing the DVD's many features including digital quality, the viewer can jump to any track making this far superior to VHS format.

Fly Fishing Yellowstone Hatches is not just about the Yellowstone hatches. It can be applied to all the major hatches found in the west. Come join Craig and John on a Fly Fishing journey as they fish these major hatches throughout the entire season.

Fly Fishing Yellowstone Hatches will show you why Yellowstone Country is the premiere aquatic insect factory in the world and a fly fisher's paradise.

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