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Author: Peter Christopher and Richard Skinulis
Publisher: FIREFLY BOOKS, May 2003
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-55046-389-6

Beauty, crafstmanship & allure of log homes. Excellent examples of 5 main construction methods; hand-hewn, Scandinavian, stackwall, French-influenced, & vertical log. Color t/out; 10x10 inches, 120 pgs.

More Information
Log Houses is a style book, an idea resource, a log-building primer, and a tribute to the allure of an almost lost art. These authentic log houses rise out of the landscape as if they grew there, yet many grand old structures were abandoned in the first half of the twentieth century. Small wonder why in this age of mass-produced suburban dwellings, the log home stands for adventure, enduring craftsmanship, and rugged individuality.

Recent decades have witnessed a renewed interest in preserving and building new log houses. The restored and handcrafted northern log houses featured in this book are some of the most beautiful in the world.

The book also includes a how-to guide for historic and modern building techniques.

Log Houses details excellent examples of the five main construction methods:

- Hand-hewn with dovetail corners
- Long log or Scandinavian scribe
- Stackwall or cordwood
- French-influenced piece-on-piece
- Vertical log or stockade

Expansive color photographs capture not only the magnificent exteriors but also the beautifully-designed interior rooms and surrounding grounds.

Peter Christopher's
photographs have appeared in numerous books, including The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra, Columbus: For Gold, God and Glory, Canada 1892 and Between Friends. He lives on a 50-acre woodlot in rural Ontario.

Richard Skinulis is the co-author of The Complete Log House Book.

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