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Author: John Shewey
Publisher: Frank Amato Publications, May 2002
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-57188-232-4

The most thorough & up-to-date book on these traditional flies & the methods & materials with which they are tied. Includes: in-depth history; step-by-step photos & instructions for flies & useful tying techniques; hackling, ribbing, & winging techniques; tying traditional, Pacific NW & contemporary Spey & Dee flies; fishing these flies. Beautiful color fly plates, including 59 individual fly plates, 100+ fly recipes; 8.5x11 inches, 160 pages.

More Information
Among the greatest salmon rivers in the world are the famed Spey and Aberdeenshire Dee, whose storied pools and sea-bright salmon inspired generations of anglers and fly dressers. Spey flies and Dee flies originated and evolved in the valleys through which these rivers flow, but across the globe, fly dressers have long been emulating the fashion of these flies, calling them "Spey styles" and "Dee styles". Destined to become a classic, Spey Flies & Dee Flies is the most thorough and up-to-date book on these traditional flies and the methods and materials with which they are tied. Includes: in-depth historical information cited straight from the letters, books, and other writings of the first tiers; step-by-step photos and instructions for flies and useful tying techniques; hackles and other materials; hackling, ribbing, and winging techniques; tying traditional Spey and Dee flies; Pacific Northwest Spey and Dee fly-tiers; tying contemporary Spey and Dee flies; fishing these flies; beautiful color fly plates, including 59 individual fly plates; over 100 fly recipes; and more. Though artistic enough for framing, Spey and Dee flies are also fishable and John shows you how. Your fly-fishing library is not complete without this fascinating book on these classic flies. All-color; 8.5x11 inches, 160 pages.

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