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Author: Barry & Cathy Beck
Publisher: STACKPOLE BOOKS, Aug 2004
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-8117-3120-0

How to take the best fishing photos; photographing in all kinds of light & weather; what to pack in your camera bag & travel tips. Choosing the best type of camera for you - single lens reflex, point & shoot, or digital. 101 Color photos; 96 pgs.

More Information
* Choosing the best type of camera for you - single lens reflex, point and shoot, or digital
* Photographing in all kinds of light and weather
* What to pack in your camera bag and travel tips
* When and how to use the flash to capture the best photo
* Composing the most appealing images
* The challenges of photographing children, pets, and wildlife
* How to take the best fishing photos

Capturing the beauty of the natural world, snow-capped volcanoes, fog-shrouded mornings, and flower-covered vistas, is one of the joys of photography, and this guide will show you how, whether you choose to use a simple point-and-shoot camera or learn the intricacies of single lens reflex or a new digital.

Professional photographers Barry and Cathy Beck run a stock photography business and host trips and photograph for the sporting travel agency Frontiers International. Their other books are Fly-fishing the Flats, and Pennsylvania Blue-Ribbon Fly-Fishing Guide.

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