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Author: A.K. Best
Publisher: STACKPOLE BOOKS, Aug 2005
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-8117-0134-4

Insight into a wealth of fishing experience from one of the most well-known fly fishers in the sport today. Covers gear & tackle, fly selection, casting, setting the hook, playing & releasing the fish, float fishing. 59 color photos, 8 illus; 6x9 inches, 136 pgs.

More Information
* Covers gear and tackle, fly selection, casting, setting the hook, playing and releasing the fish, float fishing

* Insight into a wealth of fishing experience from one of the most well-known fly fishers in the sport today

* Illustrations by Dave Hall and photos by John Gierach

Through his accounts on the water, author A. K. Best shares his lifetime of fly-fishing experience. I have always thought that going fly fishing simply meant that you drove to the stream, strung up your rod, tied on a fly, looked for a rising trout, and then cast to it until you caught it. It does work out that way sometimes and its a lot of fun. But other times, it gets a little more complicated and thats even more fun. Its these complications that A. K. deals with, untangles, and explains in his first book devoted to fishing.

The luckiest fishermen I know all had mentors. A. K. had the legendary and elusive Koke Winter; I had A. K. What he taught me--mostly by example over decades of fishing and traveling together--was the workmanlike attention to detail it takes to catch fish, as well as the good-hearted humor it takes to be okay when you dont.

This book was written in that spirit. The tactics, techniques, and opinions here are immanently practical. They dont reflect hours of thinking about fishing, but decades of actual fishing, in hundreds of rivers in all kinds of conditions from good to bad to indifferent. This is a fishing book by a guy who really knows how to catch fish. --John Gierach

A. K. Best
is author of Production Fly Tying, A. K.s Fly Box, and Advanced Fly Tying. A professional fly tier, he lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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