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Egg Yarn
Item #:23244
Your Price:$2.50
Color  QuantityPrice
Apricot - Out Of Stock  $2.50
Baby Pink  $2.50
Black - Out Of Stock  $2.50
Cerise(Fl. Red) - Out Of Stock  $2.50
Champagne  $2.50
Chartreuse - Out Of Stock  $2.50
Cheese - Out Of Stock  $2.50
Creme - Out Of Stock  $2.50
Fl. Green - Out Of Stock  $2.50
Flame  $2.50
Olive  $2.50
Orange Roe  $2.50
Rogue Orange  $2.50
Salmon  $2.50
Shrimp  $2.50
White  $2.50
Yellow Roe - Out Of Stock  $2.50

Egg Yarn

For those “Glow Bugs” and egg sucking leeches. Our yarn “puffs” like crazy.

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