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Waxed Nylon Thread - 6/0
Item #:23231
Your Price:$1.99
Color  QuantityPrice
Black  $1.99
Bt. Orange  $1.99
Coffee  $1.99
Cream  $1.99
Fire Orange  $1.99
Fl. Green  $1.99
Fl. Pink  $1.99
Fl. Red  $1.99
Green - Out Of Stock  $1.99
Grey  $1.99
Lt. Olive  $1.99
Olive  $1.99
Red  $1.99
Fl. Orange  $1.99
Tobacco Brown  $1.99
White  $1.99
Yellow  $1.99

Waxed Nylon Thread - 6/0

Probably the most used size thread. 6/0 is really a 70 Denier. It’s great for small flies #22—#14 and works well for larger flies too. It lays flat and is extremely strong. Two or three turns are plenty for fixing materials. 150 Yard Spool.

Colors: Olive, Fl. Green, Yellow, Fl. Yellow, Bt. Orange, Fire Orange, Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink, Red, Fl. Red, Grey, Coffee, Cream, White and Black.

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