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7.5" Full Wells Grip, AAAA Grade - FWA75S-250AAAA
Item #:23162
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7.5" Full Wells Grip, AAAA Grade - FWA75S-250AAAA

Fly Rod Cork Grips

Pre-formed fly rod grips made from Portuguese cork. Available in AAA and AAAA grades.

Recommended for use with the following reel seats: A7, A8

Model Grade Length (inch) I.D. (inch) O.D. (inch)

Full Wells

FWA75S-250 AAA 7.5 .250 1
FWA75S-250 AAAA AAAA 7.5 .250 1

Full Wells w/Cutout

FWA7CS-250 AAA 7 .250 1
FWA7CS-250AAAA AAAA 7 .250 1


C65S-225 AAA 6.5 .225 1

Reversed Well

RWA75CS-250 AAA 7.5 .250 1
RWA75S-250AAAA AAAA 7.5 .250 1

Reversed Half Wells w/Cutout

RWA75CS-250 AAA 7.5 .250 1
RWA75CS-250AAAA AAAA 7.5 .250 1

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