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3UL Uplocking Fly Reel Seat - Titanium Finish, Dragonwood Insert - 3ULT-DW
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3UL Uplocking Fly Reel Seat - Titanium Finish, Dragonwood Insert - 3ULT-DW

American Tackle Company has transformed the simple fly rod reel seat into stunning jewelry quality components with the introduction of this new line of uplocking reel seats and matching grips. American Tackle fly reel seats feature high strength anodized aluminum hardware that is as strong as it is beautiful, and knurling that is both functional and decorative. The reel seats comply to AAFTA standards so you can be assured that the reel seats will fit any reel made in compliance with the standard. American Tackle fly reel seats are available in titanium or black finish (other colors and wood options to be offered soon.) Fly reel seats are shipped fully assembled (butt cap loose).

The complete fly seat is supplied assembled and features impregnated hardwood bodies suitable for both light saltwater and freshwater applications. All the fly reel seats are 3.9" long, 0.4" I.D. and come complete with separate end cap. American Tackle fly reel seats can be matched to any of the fighting butt options.

The complementing cork and wood recessed half wells fly rod grip is the perfect match to these reel seats, featuring AAAA grade cork and impregnated stabilized wood that matches the reel seat. The overall length is 7" with a 0.36" I.D. This combination offers a truly custom option for your next fly rod

3UL Reel Seat Features:
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Uplocking Configuration
  • Mortised Wood Body
  • Overall Length = 4.05 " (102.95mm)
  • Body ID = 0.40" (10.4mm)
  • Top Hood OD = 0.772" (19.61mm)
  • Threaded Barrel OD = 0.704" (17.9mm)
  • Recessed Knurled Hood
  • Square Sleeve Bottom Hood
  • Knurled End Cap Supplied
  • Round Locking Nut
  • Fully Assembled
  • Fits AFBC Plug
  • Skeleton Includes all but Insert
  • Fits WRHW7 & WRFW7 Grips


Rustwood Kingwood Maple Rosewood Pinkwood Camelwood Dragonwood Coralwood Jadewood Burl Rosewood

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