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C&F Design Streamer Micro Slit Fly Box - CF-1500
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C&F Design Streamer Micro Slit Fly Box - CF-1500


The patented Micro Slit design holds flies securely. Unlike the foam in conventional fly boxes which wears out from being pierced with the points of the hooks, the Micro Slit foam is designed to hold the sides of the hook and therfore does not wear out.

  • Perfect for streamers and other large flies
  • Small holes help locate Micro-Slits
  • 2 facing Micro-Slit foam faces

  • SIZE: 4.88"" x 3.70"" x 1.25"" (12.4cm x 9.4cm x 3.2cm)
    COLOR: White
    MODEL NO: CF1500

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