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Winston Boron III X Fly Rod Blank
Item #:114968
Your Price:$425.00
Size  QuantityPrice
8ft 6in 3wt 4pc  $425.00
8ft 4wt 4pc  $425.00
8ft 6in 4wt 4pc  $425.00
9ft 4wt 4pc  $425.00
10ft 4wt 4pc  $425.00
8ft 6in 5wt 4pc  $425.00
9ft 5wt 4pc  $425.00
9ft 6in 5wt 4pc  $425.00
9ft 6wt 4pc  $425.00
9ft 6in 6wt 4pc  $425.00
9ft 7wt 4pc  $425.00
9ft 6in 7wt 4pc  $425.00
10ft 7wt 4pc  $425.00
9ft 8wt 4pc  $425.00
9ft 6in 8wt 4pc  $425.00

Winston Boron III X Fly Rod Blank

The Boron III X Rod Blank features advanced Boron III materials and technology, these incredibly lightweight, powerful, fast action rods have an even broader casting range – the widest casting range of any series we make. The added energy of Boron allows the angler to effortlessly control the line speed by speeding up or slowing down the casting stroke while maintaining pinpoint accuracy. This makes them ideal all-around rods for the vast majority of situations an angler may encounter, whether it’s making highly accurate, long distance casts or delicate, precise presentations up close.

  • Advanced Boron III technology, fast action
  • Smooth, lightweight, powerful
  • Broadest casting range of any Winston Series
  • Effortless long casts or delicate presentations up-close
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana

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