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Scientific Anglers Ampere Fly Fishing Outfit
Item #:114652
Your Price:$199.95 - $229.95
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9ft 5wt  $199.95
9ft 8wt  $219.95

Scientific Anglers Ampere Fly Fishing Outfit

Complete with Rod, Reel, Line, and Rod Tube

We designed a moderate fast-action fly rod, paired it with our completely bulletproof Ampere cast-aluminum reels, and ended up with the Ampere outfit, which provides ridiculous value for the price. Built for a nice mix of power and presentation, the Ampere rods handle dry flies with ease and can still turn over an articulated muskie fly without a second thought. From rivers to oceans, and everywhere in between, the Ampere has your currents covered.

123624 905-4 5-weight 9-ft 4 pc. AMPERE II
123631 906-4 6-weight 9-ft 4 pc. AMPERE II
123648 907-4 7-weight 9-ft 4 pc. AMPERE IV
123655 908-4 8-weight 9-ft 4 pc. AMPERE IV
123662 909-4 9-weight 9-ft 4 pc. AMPERE IV
123679 9010-4 10-weight 9-ft 4 pc. AMPERE IV


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