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<font color=red>On Sale - Clearance</font><br>SA Fluorocarbon Tippet – 100 Meter Guide Spool
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On Sale - Clearance
SA Fluorocarbon Tippet – 100 Meter Guide Spool

Here’s the thing. Most tippet spools hold 30 meters of material. That’s pretty good—until you run out of 4X on the boat. Give yourself a little breathing room with our 100 meter Fluorocarbon Tippet Guide Spool. It will last you all season, offers low visibility, and provides excellent knot strength. You may not be a guide, but you’ll appreciate that extra bit of material.
  • Sizes: 6X – 3X
  • Length: 100-meter spools
  • Two patented exclusive fluoro-resins combine for a softer, stronger fluorocarbon material
  • Hard, abrasion-resistant outside; softer core
  • The ultimate in ultra-low visibility

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