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<font color=red>On Sale - Clearance</font><br>Scientific Anglers SharkWave GPX - Stealth (Chartreuse/Dark Willow/Willow Tip)
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WF-9-F  $79.95

On Sale - Clearance
Scientific Anglers SharkWave GPX - Stealth (Chartreuse/Dark Willow/Willow Tip)

The term “GPX” means different things to different anglers, but the one overriding attribute everyone can agree upon is this: it’s awesome to fish. Built a half-size heavy, the GPX’s extra weight up front helps load fast-action rods and can greatly increase line speed when used with a double haul. It’s also our most popular taper. For good reason.

  • Dry Tip Technology combines with our Sharkskin texturing for ultimate flotation
  • Mastery Textured running line delivers longer casts without abrasion
  • Features the Tactile Reference Point (TRP), a non-embossed section at the end of the head
  • For temperate climates
  • Made a half-size heavy to load fast-action rods
  • Best for large dry flies, nymphs, and streamers
  • SA ID – SA SW GPX WF X F (X = line weight)

    Floating General Presentation Taper

    SAID Icon AST Icon Dry Tip Icon Welded Loops Icon Mastery Textured Icon TRP Icon Sharkskin Icon

    WF-3-F 34.0’ / 10,4m 95.0’ / 28,9m 110gr / 7,1g
    WF-4-F 36.0’ / 10,9m 95.0’ / 28,9m 130gr / 8,4g
    WF-5-F 38.0’ / 11,6m 95.0’ / 28,9m 150gr / 9,7g
    WF-6-F 40.0’ / 12,2m 95.0’ / 28,9m 173gr / 11,2g
    WF-7-F 42.0’ / 12,8m 95.0’ / 28,9m 198gr / 12,8g
    WF-8-F 44.0’ / 13,4m 95.0’ / 28,9m 224gr / 14,5g
    WF-9-F 46.0’ / 14,0m 95.0’ / 28,9m 260gr / 16,8g

    * Grain weight for the first 30′ / 9,1m

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