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BeadMaster Combo
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BeadMaster Combo

With the BeadMaster™, getting your bead on has never been easier. The BeadMaster’s unique design enables you to quickly bead a hook without holding the bead in your fingers or using tweezers. No more stuck fingers and no more dropped beads.

The BeadMaster™ works with 6 standard bead sizes and comes with the BeadMaster™ Pad to use as a work surface for capturing and mounting your beads.

Whether you are a beginner or professional production tyer, the BeadMaster™ will improve your tying efficiency and enjoyment. Add the BeadMaster™ to your fly tying arsenal and “get your bead on.”

Made in the USA, the BeadMaster™ will enrich your fly tying experience. Constructed from machine polished stainless steel and industrial polyurethane, the BeadMaster™ not only looks and feels great but will last for years to come. A magnetic tip and innovative offset mounting foot design make gathering hooks and beads quick and simple.

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