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CCT Body Fur - Magnum
Item #:111114
Your Price:$6.95
Color  QuantityPrice
Black  $6.95
Ch. Brown  $6.95
Fl. Fire Orange  $6.95
Fl. Green  $6.95
Fl. Orange  $6.95
Fl.Chartreuse  $6.95
Gold  $6.95
Hot Pink  $6.95
Lt. Olive  $6.95
Olive  $6.95
Olive Tan  $6.95
Orange  $6.95
Purple  $6.95
Red  $6.95
Silver Gray  $6.95
Tan  $6.95
White  $6.95
Yellow  $6.95

CCT Body Fur - Magnum

CCT Magnum Body Fur is a longer version of the standard CCT Body Fur.

This material gives you a fast and easy way of making full silhouette baitfish patterns, larger crab fly’s and a great addition to poppers.

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