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TFO Chronicles Fly Rod Series
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This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.
TFO Chronicles Fly Rod Series

Action: Medium and Fast Action

Let Curtis guide you on your next adventure!  

We are proud to join television celebrity Curtis Fleming in presenting the Fly Rod Chronicles series fly rods. Curtis is well known as an ambassador for the sport of fly fishing. His integrity and passion for teaching have allowed him to introduce our sport to new anglers all over the world.  

Designed by Curtis, with the help of Lefty Kreh, this series of fly rods will cover most of the fishing opportunities that exist throughout the world. FRC rods are exceptionally smooth casting—with a forgiving tip perfect for beginners and plenty of power and performance to satisfy the most technical angler.  

The translucent moss green blank is complemented by matching graphite inserts, gold uplocking reel seats, and gold accents. Reverse half wells grips on the 3-6 and full wells grips with fighting butts on the 7-, 8- and 10-weights.

Four-Piece Rods

Model Line Length Pieces Weight (OZ)
TF 03 89 4 FRC 3 Wt. 8'-9" 4 3.1
TF 04 89 4 FRC 4 Wt. 8'-9" 4 3.1
TF 05 90 4 FRC 5 Wt. 9'-0" 4 3.7
TF 06 90 4 FRC 6 Wt. 9'-0" 4 4.0
TF 07 90 4 FRC * 7 Wt. 9'-0" 4 5.1
TF 08 90 4 FRC * 8 Wt. 9'-0" 4 5.4
TF 10 90 4 FRC * 10 Wt. 9'-0" 4 5.5

*Aluminum Uplocking Reel Seat with Fighting Butt


The Temple Fork Outfitters No-Fault Warranty is for the life of the original registered owner. Fill out the online form or send in your registration card to activate your warranty. To use your No-Fault Warranty, simply return the damaged rod with $25 and your return shipping / contact information to TFO. They will repair or replace your rod and send it back to you in a business day.

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