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NorVise - Small Straight Jaws
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NorVise - Small Straight Jaws

This is the standard, most popular configuration for the NorVise. It’s considered best for all-around performance, and often called the “fresh water” version of the vise.

This configuration includes both the solid brass front and rear hubs, and the heat-treated, cam-operated stainless steel jaws.

The jaw surfaces are smooth (not serrated or grooved) so they won’t damage delicate hooks, or the finish on them. Yet, they hold tight, without slipping. Hooks are easily aligned and spin smoothly, with minimum vibration.

This version of the vise is capable of handling very large and very tiny hooks, too. Literally, any hook size, or type you’d like to tie on can be done on the Small Straight Jaws Configuration.

Includes 2 Brass Hubs and Small Straight Jaws.

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