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Author: Hunters Video
Publisher: SAFARI PRESS, Oct 2013
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-SP-9936

Follow two Danish hunters on a hunt with Alaskan outfitter Bob Adams for moose, wolverine, black bear & grizzly. There are a few geographical areas on Earth that, when mentioned, immediately stir the imagination of hunters. Alaska is one of them, & many would argue it belongs right at the top. Whereas American hunters often dream of Africa, European hunters are fascinated by the land of the midnight sun. 55 mins.

More Information
In this DVD we follow two Danish hunters on a hunt with Alaskan outfitter Bob Adams for moose, wolverine, black bear and grizzly. Now, Alaska is not Africa, and to shoot even two species on one hunt is a very good success, but these Danes are lucky Nimrods and they lay low several good trophies. There is an old saying that goes "If I can choose between luck and skill, give me luck anytime!"

Alaskan hunting is not easy hunting; one is likely to be wet, tired, and dirty most of the time, and opportunities at game are fleeting. However, for the true hunter, there can be few things more exhilarating than sleeping in a tent for ten to fourteen days in a true wilderness that is hundreds of miles from civilization.

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