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Renzetti Ruby Tip Bobbins
Item #:109520
Your Price:$21.95
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Midge  $21.95
Standard  $21.95
Saltwater  $21.95
Saltwater Midge  $21.95

Renzetti Ruby Tip Bobbins

Renzetti offers a full line of bobbins for different tying needs, including bobbins with varying combination of tube lengths and diameters. The standard length tube is 2 inches and the extended length version is 2 1/2 inches. The small diameter tube is 3/32 inch and the large diameter tube is 1/8 inch.

Renzettis uses rubies in their bobbins for ultra-smooth thread delivery and excellent wear resistance. Their unique, tapered protrusion ensures maximum thread spool retention.

Model Size Length ID
HT101 Midge 2" 3/32"
HT108 Midge SW 2 3/4" 3/32"
HT107 Standard Saltwater 2 3/4" 1/8"
HT106 Standard 2" 1/8"


HT101 - Midge
HT106 - Standard
HT107 - Saltwater
HT108 - Saltwater Midge

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