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Whiting Eurohackle Saddle
Item #:109504
Your Price:$66.00
Color  QuantityPrice
Brown - Out Of Stock  $66.00
Furnace  $66.00
Golden Badger  $66.00
Grizzly - Out Of Stock  $66.00
Grizzly Variant - Out Of Stock  $66.00
Grizzly/Olive - Out Of Stock  $66.00
Medium Dun - Out Of Stock  $66.00
White - Out Of Stock  $66.00

Whiting Eurohackle Saddle

Whiting Eurohackle Saddles run a little larger than the Whiting Geneic Saddles. Eurohackle Saddles tie primarily size 10 to 16 dry flies. The barbs are slightly softer than the genetic saddles, but are still superior to most other brands.

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