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Whiting Bird Fur
Item #:109500
Your Price:$12.00
Color  QuantityPrice
Black - Out Of Stock  $12.00
Grizzly - Out Of Stock  $12.00
Grizzly/Heron  $12.00
Grizzly/Kingfisher Blue - Out Of Stock  $12.00
Grizzly/Olive - Out Of Stock  $12.00
Grizzly/Orange - Out Of Stock  $12.00
Grizzly/Pink - Out Of Stock  $12.00
Grizzly/Purple - Out Of Stock  $12.00
Grizzly/Salmon  $12.00
Grizzly/Shell Pink - Out Of Stock  $12.00
White  $12.00
White/Brown - Out Of Stock  $12.00
White/Burnt Orange - Out Of Stock  $12.00
White/Fl Chartreuse Green - Out Of Stock  $12.00
White/Fl Chartreuse Yellow  $12.00
White/Golden Olive  $12.00
White/Heron Gray  $12.00
White/Kingfisher Blue  $12.00
White/Medium Ginger - Ships 1/24/17  $12.00
White/Olive - Out Of Stock  $12.00
White/Orange - Out Of Stock  $12.00
White/Pink  $12.00
White/Purple - Ships 1/24/17  $12.00
White/Red - Out Of Stock  $12.00
White/Salmon (Pale Orange)  $12.00
White/Shell Pink  $12.00
White/Silver Doctor Blue - Out Of Stock  $12.00
White/Tan  $12.00
White/Yellow - Out Of Stock  $12.00

Whiting Bird Fur

It looks like fur, but it's really a feather! Nine plus years in development, Whiting's Bird Fur offers the tier an all-new economical way to use natural & long fibers to enhance large flies. Bird Fur is THE perfect synthetic craft fur replacement!

Natural feathers and fur have long been preferred over synthetic substitutes for liveliness and natural movement. Now you can make your flies come alive with Whiting's Bird Fur. With long wispy fur-like feathers up to 6" long, Bird Fur is the natural way to enhance any fly that uses synthetics. Streamers, Buggers, Teasers, Leaches, Speys and more will all come alive when tied with Bird Fur!

Bird fur is a perfect Heron substitute - long, thin hair-like fibers on a flexible stem. perfect for spey and dee-style flies, shrimp, and saltwater flies.

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