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DC Dodger Kit
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DC Dodger Kit

The DC DODGER is a unique convertible fly system that can actually be fished in three ways: as a darting surface attractor, a subsurface tube streamer, or a subsurface tube streamer that darts on the retrieve when you add a Dodger disk.

The specially engineered surface of the DC DODGER has a large surface that develops water resistance and a tantalizing “walk the dog” action.

The DC Dodger foam head is permanently attached to the hook, this is dressed with additional synthetic body material in colors to suit specific angling requirements. The DC DODGER foam head is larger but lighter than the injection-molded head of other darting flies, which makes it easy to cast on #6 through #8 line rods.

The tail section is tied separately on to a 3/32” tube, and the complete fly is assembled by inserting the tail section tubing into a short silicon tube located high in the back of the foam head. You can easily change the DC DODGER color scheme by removing one tail section tube and replacing it with another.

The tail section can be used as a subsurface streamer by disconnecting it from the foam head and hook, then threading just the tail section tubing onto your tippet and attaching a trailer hook. You can also make the tube streamer dart beneath the surface in still water by placing a Dodger Disc on the rear of the tube behind the wing and securing it with a short section of silicone tubing.

The tail section should be tied from synthetic materials like Yak Hair or use a Faux Tails. Using bucktail or feathers robs the fly of its darting actions.

Kit Contains:
5 Dodger Heads
Dodger Disk’s 1 each small and large
Special 3/32” Hard Tubing
Silicon Junction Tubing
Ballast Wire
Tail Support Tubing
Tube Fly Mandrel
Complete Step By Step Tying Instructions

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