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Tapered Foam Poppers
Item #:109316
Your Price:$4.75
Style  QuantityPrice
Small Black  $4.75
Small Black/White  $4.75
Small Black/Yellow  $4.75
Small Green  $4.75
Small Green/Yellow  $4.75
Small Purple  $4.75
Small Purple/Black  $4.75
Small White  $4.75
Small White/Red  $4.75
Small Yellow  $4.75
Large Black  $4.75
Large Black/White  $4.75
Large Black/Yellow  $4.75
Large Green  $4.75
Large Green/Yellow  $4.75
Large Purple  $4.75
Large Purple/Black  $4.75
Large White  $4.75
Large White/Red  $4.75
Large Yellow  $4.75

Tapered Foam Poppers

Same material as foam poppers but in a different configuration. 5 per bag.

Comes in 2 different sizes and many different colors.
Small 1/0-2/0 hook
Large 3/0- 4/0 hook

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