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Silicon Micro Mini Legs
Item #:109274
Your Price:$4.50
Color  QuantityPrice
Barred Chartreuse - Out Of Stock  $4.50
Barred Chestnut  $4.50
Barred Fire Fl Orange - Out Of Stock  $4.50
Barred Olive  $4.50
Barred Orange  $4.50
Barred Pearl  $4.50
Barred White  $4.50
Black/Blue Flake  $4.50
Chartreuse/Silver Flake  $4.50
Hot Orange/Gold Flake  $4.50
Olive/Black Flake  $4.50
Orange/Gold Flake  $4.50
Pearl/Silver Flake  $4.50
Purple/Blue Flake  $4.50
Silver Flake  $4.50

Silicon Micro Mini Legs

Made from 100% silicon. Extremely strong and life like movement. Silicon will not deteriorate like rubber or latex.

Approximately 44 - 8 inch pieces.

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