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New Age Chenille - Medium
Item #:109271
Your Price:$2.50
Color  QuantityPrice
Amber Stone (Copper/Ginger/Seal Brown)  $2.50
Barber Pole Orange (Black/Fl Red/Fl Red)  $2.50
Barber Pole Red (Black/Fl Red/Fl Red)  $2.50
Black Pearl (Black/Pearl/Black Effect)  $2.50
Cayenne (Pearl/Fl Fire Orange/Fl Fire Orange)  $2.50
Cherry Chocolate (Red/Dark Brown/Red)  $2.50
Cherry Pearl (Red/Pearl Mylar/Dark Red)  $2.50
Chocolate Mint (Pearl/Peacock Green/Tobacco)  $2.50
Copper Black (Copper/Black/Black)  $2.50
Copper Gold Black (Copper/Gold/Black)  $2.50
Dark Chocolate (Pearl/Black/Chocolate Brown)  $2.50
Excelsior Olive (Copper/Gold Mylar/Dk Olive)  $2.50
Fools Gold (Gold/Pearl Mylar/Light Olive)  $2.50
Gold Black (Gold/Black/Black)  $2.50
Goldstone (Gold/Ginger/Beige)  $2.50
Green Apple (Green/Pearl Mylar/Light Olive)  $2.50
Halloween (Pearl/Black/Burnt Orange)  $2.50
Henry Lake (Copper/Seal Brown/Beige  $2.50
Kaleidoscope (Rainbow/Red/Hot Pink)  $2.50
Kandy Kane (Red/Fl Red/Fl Red)  $2.50
Kilowatt Red (Pearl/Fl Red/Fl Red)  $2.50
Klondike Gold (Gold/Silver/Silver)  $2.50
Lemon Lime (Gold/Olive/Olive)  $2.50
Leprechaun (Green/Dark Brown/Dark Brown)  $2.50
Licorice Whip (Red/Black/Red)  $2.50
Midnight Fire (Red/Rainbow Mylar/Black)  $2.50
Midnight Rainbow (Rainbow/Black/Black)  $2.50
Orange Crush (Copper/Burnt Orange/Yellow)  $2.50
Pay Off (Royal Blue/Purple/Fl Red)  $2.50
Polar Shrimp (Pearl/Fl Orange/Fl Orange)  $2.50
Purple Beaver (Purple/Black/Beige)  $2.50
Red Olive (Red/Olive/Olive)  $2.50
Sadie Thompson (Red/Dark Red/Red)  $2.50
Salmon Candy (Copper/Coral/Peach)  $2.50
Shell Shock Pink (Pearl/Fl Pink/Fl Pink  $2.50
Silver Black (Silver/Black/Black)  $2.50
Sparkling Wine (Red/Pearl Mylar/Red)  $2.50
SS Fancy (Pearl/Fl Yellow/Fl Green  $2.50
Summer Run Purple (Rainbow/Fuchsia/Lavender)  $2.50
Volcano (Pearl/Fl Red/Fl Orange)  $2.50
White Pearl (Pearl/White/White)  $2.50
Winter Green (Pearl/Peacock Green/Olive)  $2.50
Winter Run Blue (Rainbow/Blue Mylar/Soldier Blue)  $2.50
Winter Run Pink (Pearl/Hot Pink/Pink)  $2.50
Winter Run Purple (Royal Blue/Rainbow Mylar/Purple  $2.50
Yellow Yummie (Gold/Gold/Yellow)  $2.50

New Age Chenille - Medium

This Chenille offers off the wall color combinations that can be used on trout, steelhead and saltwater patterns.

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