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Author: Timothy R. Smith
Publisher: BUCK WILDER BOOKS, Sep 2006
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-9643793-7-6


More Information
In Buck Wilder's Animal Wisdom, everyone's favorite outdoorsman, Buck Wilder uses hard-working beavers, prickly porcupines, team-spirited ants and nine more of his favorite animal friends to show how nature and life are connected. This is a unique outdoor Buck Wilder adventure you don't want to miss!

If you haven't seen the books, they are a lot of fun with doodling around the borders and a little character, Fuzzy the Caterpillar, hidden on the pages. The Yak is inspired by Buck's love of the outdoors. --YAK, the children's page in the Detroit Free Press

Open the door, walk outside and enter Buck Wilder's world. There is no television, no Xbox and no couch. What you will find are trees, a rushing creek, singing birds and, if you look closely, maybe even a group of ants. And, even better, it all starts with turning the pages of a book. Kids are crazy for his books, and crazy for Buck. The latest book, Buck Wilder's Animal Wisdom, offers important life lessons such as sharing, hard work, and loyalty. --The Grand Rapids Press

Buck Wilder
is the consumate outdoorsman for kids. He has been a college student, a soldier, an executive, a furniture maker and an artist, but throughout his life, no matter what else he was doing, he has always found time to enjoy nature. Buck was instrumental in the creation of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources fourth grade natural history curriculum and his books even traveled to the Mir Space Station with astronaut Jerry Linenger.

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