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Author: Mark Steyn
Publisher: PERSEUS / RUNNING PRESS, Sep 2012
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-59698-327-2

Features new infto & updated t/out. Takes on Obama's disastrous plan for our nation, & reveals exactly what a post-American world will look like if we don't change our ways soon. Says Steyn: "Nothing is certain but debt & taxes. And then more debt." 6x9 inches, 424 pgs.

More Information
Featuring a new introduction and updated throughout, "After America" takes on Obama's disastrous plan for our nation, and reveals exactly what a post-American world will look like if we don't change our ways soon. Says Steyn: "Nothing is certain but debt and taxes. And then more debt. If the government of the United States had to use GAAP ("The Generally Accepted Accounting Practices" that your company and the publisher of this book have to use), Uncle Sam would be under an SEC investigation and his nephews and nieces would have taken away the keys and cut up his credit card". Slim as it is, however, Steyn argues there is still hope. "Americans face a choice: you can rediscover the animating principles of the American idea-of limited government, a self-reliant citizenry, and the opportunities to exploit your talents to the fullest-or you can join most of the rest of the western world in terminal decline. This is a battle for the American idea, and it's an epic one, but you can do anything you want to do. So do it." Bitingly funny and wickedly clever, "After America" is Mark Steyn at his best.


Praise for After America

?Mark Steyn is a modern day Jeremiah with a quiverful of devastating one-liners, nailing what the liberals have done to our country. He presents an alarming?and frighteningly convincing?prophecy of where we?re headed. The choice is stark?we either listen to Steyn and act on his recommendations or face economic and cultural armageddon.?
?Mark Levin

?Mark Steyn has done it again. In his new book, After America, he clearly defines the dangerous signals which show America is embracing the same doomed path as the failed European economies, and how vital it is to implement and avoid policies right now to prevent us from the same fate.?
?Sean Hannity

?Only Mark Steyn can write about the decline of America and leave you laughing.?
?Ann Coulter
--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

About the Author:
Mark Steyn
is the bestselling author of After America and America Alone. His writing on war, politics, the arts, and culture has appeared in almost every major newspaper around the world, from The Wall Street Journal to The Irish Times to The Australian. In the United States he is National Review?s ?Happy Warrior,? as well as a regular guest-host on America?s number one radio show, The Rush Limbaugh Show, and America?s number two cable news show, Hannity on Fox News. He lives in New Hampshire.

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