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Author: Richard Siberry
Publisher: Richard Siberry Film, Dec 2012
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-RSF-10

An immersive experience, without getting wet, in Montauk's fall run fishery. Hitch up your waders, sharpen your hooks and check your knots,"Montauk Rocks" is a wild ride, from past to present, with the personalities who help Montauk remain the undisputed "Surfcasting Capital of the World". 80 min.

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Five years in the making, at a cost of one drowned camera, one almost drowned cameraman, one blown transmission and two broken ribs, "Montauk Rocks" brings you an immersive experience, without getting wet.

Every fall this terrestrial migration takes place, coinciding with the oceanic migration of the striped bass. Anglers from around the country, and from across the world, flock to Montauk's boulder strewn rocky shores. The competition for prime fishing spots increases every year as more and more anglers strive to clamber onto one of Montauk Point's wave battered, weed covered rocks, vying for an elusive "cow bass", of 50 pounds or more.

Montauk's anglers, take on the worst the Atlantic can throw at them through the frigid fall run season, and often just for a story to tell to like minded souls. Every year tackle, bones and egos are smashed in the waves and on the rocks that define the Montauk experience. For some it's a one-time deal, not something they wish to make a habit of. For others, well let's just say it's not just the fish that get hooked. For everyone with a sense of adventure and a taste for pure unfiltered, undiluted adrenalin it's a must, even if only once."

"For decades professional filmmakers and television producers, from Van Campen Heilner to Jose Wejebe, have tried to capture the action, the culture and the aura of surfcasting in Montauk. But nobody has managed to do it as comprehensively or with such insight as Richard Siberry has done with "Montauk Rocks"
- Michael Wright, The East Hampton Press.

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