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Author: Mark Sullivan
Publisher: Nitro Express, Jan 2006
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-NE-00055-0

Join legendary Professional Hunter MARK SULLIVAN & his clients on safari in Tanzania, East Africa. Experience up-close dangerous game hunting at its best: huge bull hippo, Cape buffalo, & Selous bull elephant! 103 min.

More Information
Simply stated, Death Rush is my best movie ever! For those of you not familiar with my work, this statement may not mean much. But take it from me, this movie has over-the- top adrenaline and will go down in history as the greatest dangerous game hunting movie ever made. Filmed enitrely on location in the beautiful country of Tanzania, East Africa during the 2005 hunting season, Death Rush takes you through nine complete hunts for monster rogue bull hippo on dry ground and huge Cape buffalo. Tossed in for good measure is a fantastic hunt for an incredible Selous bull elephant the likes of which any hunter would give his right arm for. You won't believe your eyes when you see the length of this guy's tusks.

But in particular, Death Rush features six kill or be killed--life or death charges of which one is the single finest charge I have ever experienced as a professional hunter. The beast in question is an old rogue bull hippo that I found deep inside a snake- infested korongo far away from any river or lake. As much as I hate to admit it, this great warrior almost got me and it was just by the Grace of God that I was not killed. Although my first shot hit him in the head at something less than three lengths of my double rifle, my 750 grain .577 bullet missed the brain and on failing to kill him, the enraged beast kept coming and I remember thinking he was going to kill me on the spot. Instead, his massive 7,000 pound torso came hurling down to within spitting distance of the tips of my shoes and I was just able to ram a thumb-sized slug into his brain before he could close the deal. The footage of this charge is nothing short of amazing and even if I were given another 100 tries, I could not film it better than it already is. Guaranteed, you will watch this charge over and over again for as long as you live or until you wear it out. Warning! Do not lend this movie to a friend because you will never get it back!

There are three other spectacular hippo charges, anyone of which is as good as anything you've ever seen in your life, and two Cape buffalo charges to compliment the movie. I know I'm going to be asked this question for the rest of my life so I might as well answer it now. Why so many charges in a single season? Just lucky I guess. Some years are better than others. You see, I'm not into killing something for the sake of killing, but I love hunting and for me, the ethical hunting of dangerous game means walking up an giving the gallant warrior the choice of how he is to die in battle rather than deciding his fate for him by blasting him into oblivion from a safe distance. By giving him the choice (and the opportunity), I know he will do one of two things; he will either run away or charge. It's that simple.

But whichever he chooses, it is the animal that decides how and when he's going to die. By the same token, if he charges and I don't do my job correctly; I die a horrible death. Even with that prospect hanging over my head, my philosophy in hunting dangerous game has always remained the same; I love it when they charge and I hate it when they run. Like I say, some years are luckier than others and this was one such year.

If you like the thrill of watching Africa's most dangerous game charge, if you like seeing people putting their lives on the line, risking everything in the face of certain death; then you will love this movie. Death Rush is unlike anything you've ever seen before. To quote a line from the great Ted Nugent who has been so gracious in giving his unconditional endorsement of this movie, "Mark Sullivan has outdone Mark Sullivan. The man rocks!" I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I have bringing it to you.

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