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Publisher: SAFARI PRESS, Jul 2010
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-SP-DVD9958

6 of great Safai movies in 1 set! 4 classic movies by Martin & Osa Johnson: Simba(1927), Congorilla(1932), Baboona(1935), & I Married Adventure(1940). The last two DVDs, also classics, are King Solomon?s Mines(1937) & The Snows of Kilimanjaro(1952. 6 DVD set.

More Information
This six-set DVD consists of four classic movies by Martin & Osa Johnson: Simba (1927), Congorilla (1932), Baboona (1935), & I Married Adventure (1940). The last two DVDs, also classics, are King Solomon?s Mines (1937) & The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952).

All four Martin & Osa Johnson films are black & white & were shot in East Africa before WW II. The Johnsons, together with Carl Akeley, were pioneers in bringing African wildlife & natives to the American cinema. The movies are not hunting movies, per se, but they do contain a fair amount of shooting. They are superb at showing what the native tribes of Africa looked like & how virtually untouched by Western civilization Africa was in those days. All four movies were made for theatrical release & were huge hits. So popular were these films that the Johnsons, who also wrote numerous books, gained much fame.

In the 1937 release of King Solomon?s Mines, we see the very first movie rendition of Rider Haggard?s classic, iconic work. This film was shot on location in Africa. Finally, there is Ernest Hemmingway?s Snows of Kilimanjaro. It is shot in full color & features Gregory Peck who plays writer F. Scott Fitzgerald; Susan Hayward who plays his wife, Zelda Fitzgerald; & Eva Gardener who plays a former lover. Set on location in East Africa, the film gives us various hunting scenes as well as flashbacks to Fitzgerald?s earlier life in Paris & Spain during the Civil War. This classic tale was also a hit in its day.

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