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Author: Brian Marsh
Publisher: SAFARI PRESS, Oct 2005
Binding: Slipcased Hardcover
ISBN: 1-57157-195-7

The full life of iconic African big-game hunter, Brian Marsh. Elephant cropping, buffalo tales, & colorful characters & more. Easily understood ballistics; in-depth analysis of species & how to hunt them; & an insight into game management & professional hunting tell more than just a story of hunting. Limited Edition of 1000 signed, numbered & slipcased copies. Photos; 6x9 inches, 247 pgs.

More Information
There are few names in African big-game hunting as iconic as that of Brian Marsh. This is true not only because he is a great & largely self-taught hunter who pioneered professional hunting in Zimbabwe after World War II, and not even because he personally knew such greats as John "Pondoro" Taylor, Peter Hathaway Capstick, royalty & aristocracy, and even obscure but equally noteworthy characters such as the onetime tracker for the great F.C. Selous, but because he has spent most of his life hunting game.

The diversity of his full life is hard to grasp. He started out in the dangerous profession of hunting crocodiles for a living in Malawi in the 1950s, and then he moved on to establishing hunting areas in Zimbabwe at a time the concept was unknown & even scorned. But equally as important as Brian's exploits has been his ability to write of those experiences, capturing the very essence of the Dark Continent. What is unique about Brian's writing is his plain honesty. His exploits throughout these pages, underplayed with modesty, and his mistakes, told with sincere honesty, not only entertain but also teach in a way that is not easily forgotten.

Easily understood ballistics, in-depth analysis of species and how to hunt them, insight into game management & professional hunting, and even a simple description of preparing a tasty delicacy over a molpane fire in the field tell more than just a story of hunting. His experiences are real, and as his life story unfolds, one would be forgiven for believing it is a tale of 2 lifetimes. Some of his exciting stories include the elephant shot in the Gonarezhou with tusks that went 132 and 107. Elephant cropping, buffalo tales, and colorful characters--this book has it all. Vol. 54 in Safari Press's Classics in African Hunting Series.

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