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Author: Lt. Col. Joshua Potter, USA,Commander Gary Stubblefield, USN (Ret.), and Mark Monday
Publisher: PALADIN PRESS, Jun 2010
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-58160-724-5

This is much more than a book of ambush case studies ? it is a practical survival guide to some of the most treacherous regions of the world. The classic

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Since its release in 1994, Killing Zone: A Professional's Guide to Preparing & Preventing Ambushes has been hailed by military professionals for its clarity & depth of understanding of ambushes. Now, this classic book has been retitled & thoroughly revised & updated for today's evolving battlefield.

Ambush! contains much of the original material drawn from author Gary Stubblefield's experiences in Vietnam & beyond as a U.S. Navy SEAL & counterinsurgency expert Mark Monday's decades of research & analysis. Now the book has been reorganized & expanded based on the battlefield knowledge of U.S. Army Special Forces Lt. Col. Joshua Potter, a decorated combat veteran of Iraq who used, refined, & updated the original edition.

Ambush! incorporates the expertise of combat veterans from Iraq & Afghanistan, security contractors, & Special Operations professionals who have set up ambushes in war-torn Central & South America, Africa, & the Philippines. It includes:

* A revised look at the anatomy, operational cycle, & warning signs of an ambush
* Lessons learned from conducting, preventing, & countering ambushes in Afghanistan & Iraq
* Procedures for dealing with ambushes involving IEDs
* Counterambush & antiambush tactics, techniques, & procedures utilizing current technology, as well as low-tech & improvised solutions
* Special considerations for NGOs operating in contested areas

Ambush! is much more than a book of ambush case studies ? it is a practical survival guide to some of the most treacherous regions of the world.

Lt. Col. Joshua Potter
is a U.S. Army officer who has served in several operational assignments in CONUS, Europe, & Southwest Asia. Upon graduating from West Point in 1993, he served in a variety of Air Defense Artillery, Special Forces, & Civil Affairs assignments. In one recent tour of duty, his small U.S. team & 700- man Iraqi National Police battalion nabbed more than 90 insurgents, & he personally discovered & secured six IEDs & VBIEDs. He is currently serving on his fourth combat tour to Iraq as a Combat Advisor.

Gary Stubblefield, Commander, USN (Ret.), is one of the original SEAL "Men in Green Faces," with combat experience in Vietnam, Central America, & early Gulf War conflicts. As president of Vantage System Incorporated, an international security management firm, he remains active in antiterrorist efforts throughout the globe.

Mark Monday is an award-winning writer who specializes in insurgency & revolt. A veteran journalist who formerly published two international journals on insurgency, he has been active as a consultant to government agencies on special operations forces, terrorist uses of weapons of mass destruction, human terrain team research, & intelligence doctrine.

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